About Us

Brick Street Capital is a multinational private equity firm based in Princeton, NJ. The firm manages investments in the United States and the United Kingdom on behalf of global investor base consisting of family offices and high net worth individuals. Clients can take advantage of opportunities in private equity in small to mid-cap market, in multifamily real estate, and in private lending.

We operate with an entrepreneurial spirit while remaining laser focused on selecting the very best opportunities for investment for our clients. In addition to providing high quality private investments, we provide an unparalleled level of personalized service putting our clients first in everything we do.

Private Equity

We’ve founded & have had successful exits with multiple companies and thus have first-hand knowledge of the type of founder led companies to back. We have an excellent track record of providing access to high quality deals typically not available to the individual investor.

Real Estate

We leverage our deep understanding of primary & emerging markets to find C- B+ class multifamily properties ranging from $2M-25M capable of achieving 10% or higher cash-on-cash returns.

Private Lending

We provide short-term capital financing for specific hotel flags, gas stations, and senior housing development projects requiring $5M+ in construction loans.